Love Tarot Reading: The Future in your Hands


Ever since the dawn of humanity, man has wanted to know about the future. For centuries, human beings have found alternative ways of unveiling what lay ahead. Astrology cards, tea leaves and palmistry can be counted among some of the most popular methods of telling the future. Their popularity nonetheless varies depending on cultural habits and current trends.

However, there is another supernatural tool whose prestige has remained intact throughout the centuries and that is tarot. Mainly used to find out more about love, tarot reading is thought of as being more reliable than some other techniques.

According to specialists in the subject, Tarot love readings lost popularity some decades ago. For several years, Tarot was seen as being neither trustworthy nor fashionable. Fortunately, at least for love Tarot reading experts, these past years have seen a comeback to this traditional card reading technique.

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What is Tarot?

By definition, the Tarot is a set of 78 playing cards that have been used ever since the mid 1400s in Europe. Although different uses have been attached to Tarot decks, they have become popular both for divination and guided meditation since the late 18th century or so.

Not all cards have been created equal. This means that in order for the Tarot reader (or the deck) to reveal the future, certain knowledge of the meaning of these cards is vital.

The main significance of these cards and how they can translate into revelatory information about a person’s future life lies in the different categories and the symbols they represent.

There are two broad card categories: Major and Minor Arcana. On one hand, the 22 Major Arcana cards depict images like the Hanged man, the Wheel of Life, the Fool and the Devil, for instance. On the other, the 52 remaining Minor Arcana cards are suit cards. But unlike traditional decks, they don’t have images of clubs, spades, diamonds or hearts, but wands, swords, and pentacles.

Love Tarot Reading Unveiled

love tarot card - The LoversWhen it comes to Tarot love reading, there is a card that contains the greatest part of the revelations surrounding the issue: “The Lovers Card”. Traditionally linked to the matters of the heart, this card throws light on human relationships, feelings and even the secret wishes of the heart.

This distinctive card is divided into the top and the bottom part. Heavily ornamented, the Lovers card is full of symbolism and meaning and is said to contain profound revelation whose truths depend on the reader’s expertise to make them come to light.

As was mentioned earlier, the card can be analyzed in different planes. On the bottom half you can see a man and a woman, naked before the world. Whereas a tree of flames stands behind the man, a fruit tree with a snake around it can be seen behind the woman. The ground on which the couple is standing is bright green (almost fluorescent). At a distance, a mountain can be seen behind the couple, plus a blue sky over it.

The middle of the Lovers Card is quite revelatory in itself. Leveled with the couple’s heads, a billowing cloud can be seen. Emerging from the cloud there is the middle half of an angel who is wearing a purple cloak. The angel appears to be in a prophetic position, lifting its hands in the air just below its wings. The fact that the angel’s wings are crimson-colored can be quite meaningful. So are the flames that surround this creature and that make the angel’s hair and face look brighter than they really are. Moreover, the whole scene appears to be encircled in a golden-yellowish glaze coming from the endless rays of sunlight that encircle the scene.

Understanding the Symbols

Centuries of Tarot love readings have given us a general picture of the meaning behind so heavy a symbolism. This is a general review of what the Lovers Card has got to reveal; this is according to experts.

The couple described here in this picture is Adam and Eve in the very moment they are being told about the plan and the existence of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The presence of light in the scene represents perfect radiant energy kept thanks to harmony and love. Although these first humans now know what they are supposed to do in order to keep happy, the rest of us who see this card know that the snake is soon to strike, that celestial fury will be unleashed and that this blessed couple will soon learn about shame. Causing them to be made to wear clothes as a representation of their novel science. In addition, the images on the card represent the fall of the human race and its subsequent multiplication and replenishment.

love tarot reading

Experienced Tarot readers all over the globe know that this card is a metaphor for all human romantic relationships. In the beginning, they are pure and unpolluted. Later on, as the relationship evolves, flaws begin to appear and feelings become contaminated. What was beautiful and pure is now a reason of concern and suffering. The Tarot cards eventually reveal how smooth or how much hard work will be involved in the building of a healthy romantic bond.

A Matter of Location

Since the Lovers Card can appear in any location during a reading, its meaning is linked to the location where it can be found. During a Tarot love reading, three sets of cards are dealt out signifying your past, your present and your future. These three locations are also known as Self Card, Situation Card and challenges Card, especially when the person the reading is about, is young.

A Lovers Card in the past position means that your present situation can be traced back to a love relationship. In the case of very young people, this relationship could mean parents or even grandparents, usually a long-lasting relationship or a well-established marriage. The appearance of the card in the self position means that a relationship is the foundation or definition of your own self.

Should this card appear in the present location, this means that you are passionately building a relationship. If, on the contrary, you are single or lonely, this means that this present situation is soon to come to an end and a suitable partner will come along, bringing about trust and understanding into your love life.

Finally, if the Lovers Card appears when cards are dealt out for the future, this means that this is the time to make a thorough checklist of all the qualities needed from your couple-to-be in order to establish a healthy, well-meaning relationship.

Experience has taught humanity that infatuation is the main cause of loss of control. Most people lose their heads when they get lost in the bliss of romance. However, the presence of this card in the near future can help you get ready so that your mind has already been made up about the aspects that should be considered in a relationship. Otherwise, you are bound to fall pray of your own feelings and lose focus.

A Team Game

Even when the Lovers card has been traditionally linked to romance and is key in Tarot love readings, it is not the only one that can throw light on people’s romantic life.

Several card combinations are possible and help to construct knowledge on the past, present and future of a person’s love life. Here are some interesting generalities to be mentioned.

There are two other cards that have a deep impact on Tarot love reading, they are the Hierophant and The Devil. When these cards come together with the Lovers Card, deep significance can be given to the relationship.

Since both cards include partnerships in their images, when they come together with the Lovers Card, this means that the relationship might be intense or even dark.

tower cardThe Tower Card on the other hand, means that a separation is bound to take place in the near future.

Nonetheless, all of these tips should be regarded as general guidelines, not as absolute truths, it takes a deep and thorough analysis of the cards to really translate card occurrence in a person’s life.

It is true that for years Tarot reading has been mentally associated with mysterious women in turbans, thus putting off many people from getting a reading. Furthermore, many people have been stigmatized somewhat because of their interest in getting further revelations.

Luckily and thanks to the latest technology, it is now possible to get Tarot love readings online within minutes. If you or a loved one would like to get a love tarot reading today. Please give us a call at 888-604-3947.

Moreover, deep knowledge of the self, the present and the challenges to be met can be gotten from experienced and well-developed resources that offer personalized love Tarot readings to those who wish to learn more about their personal lives.

To round up, whatever your present situation, you can get further illumination on that love triangle that is making you lose your sleep, that long-lasting relationship that is wanting a change or that crippling loneliness that is making you lose your faith. After all, superior knowledge is just a click away.

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